Question by  eimtiyazahmad (50)

What are some catchy names?

I want my children to have catchy names.


Answer by  kalamitykrys (228)

Lots of people more often now are taking common names and spelling them differently. For instance my daughter's name is Kyleigh instead of Kylee or Kylie. My name is Krystle instead of Crystal or Krystal. I think spelling your name differently is more catchy and unique then having a way out there name like Apple.


Answer by  carol (1241)

It truly depends on what you like. Some names for girls are Madison, Kennedy, Agatha. For a boy perhaps Aiden, or Aiken.


Answer by  Swani (125)

Did you want names for a boy or a girl? Some new girl names that are popular and catchy right now are: Bella, Morgan, Huxley, Kelsey or Kenzie. Some new boy names are: Malachi, Tobias, Mathis, Bray, Mathias. There are tons of names and some stores sell baby name books.

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