Question by  mlr28blu (69)

What are some areas of specialization under the category of biology?

I read a job application that requires a degree in a "biology specialization."


Answer by  Cassandradalla (228)

The field of biology in recent years has become increasingly specialized. Some particular areas of specialization include: botany, physiology, anatomy, reproductive biology, genetic biology, marine biology, microbiology, biological engineering, biological mathematics, exobiology, zoology and virology. There are many other subspecialties included in this very interesting and rapidly advancing area of science.


Answer by  iteach (63)

There are many areas that fall under the title of biology. Microbiology, biochemistry, botany, and zoology are areas that fall under the loose title of biology. There are divisions even within those specialties, such as genetics, nematology (studying worms), plant pathology (diseases), and cryptozoology (dealing with mysterious animals.) All areas deal with life in some way.


Answer by  tb3535 (52)

Botany, zoology, and epidemiology are just a few of the "ologies" that are considered specializations in biology. The study of frogs, insects, mammals, fish, plants, and trees are just among the hundreds of specialties.

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