Question by  cece22 (16)

What do you study in biology?

Biology is going to be my first college course.


Answer by  EveElle (38)

Biology studies the phenomenon of life. In a college biology course, one would expect to encounter how life is differentiated - animal/plant/fungus/bacteria and the species within, important chemical reactions necessary for life, and the genetic basis (the blueprint of life) for how life sustains and evolves. At an introductory level, memorization is the main scholastic activity.


Answer by  Jenn09 (176)

I studied biology because I am fascinated by the way that the natural world works, especially molecularly. You learn not only about your own species, but all life on earth.


Answer by  jlbonin (58)

Biology covers a wide range of areas. Some of the areas that might be covered in your Biology class may be cells and cell development. You may also study reproduction, the animal kingdom and even the weather.


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

You learn about the physical anatomy of plants and animals and microbes. You may or may not dissect life forms.


Answer by  Christian9247 (5042)

I studied Biology because I wanted to go to med-school. Biology can get your foot in the door to any medical school in the country. At first I had a perverse pleasure in cutting up frogs and owl pellets but soon I actually cared about it. It's an easy course!

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