Question by  skai456 (18)

What are signs of the end stage of Alzheimers?


Answer by  tayizzydjcolt (54)

The ending stage is stage 5 which usually is when a person doesnt know anything or anybody and can no longer feed themselves or take care of themselves. This is usually when thier internal organs in the body start to shut down also.


Answer by  JoshBroom (40)

End stage Alzheimer symptoms include, confusion about past and present, loss of ability to recognize familiar people and places, severe loss of verbal skills and ability to care for oneself, hallucinations and severe mood swings and bowel incontinence.

Reply by torovix (1):
End stage, patient starts to look skeletal and loss of body weight is evident as well as not being able to focus, speak, sit unaided, walk unaided, eat unaided.  add a comment

Answer by  MarkWatrous (729)

The end stage occurs during the last one to three years of the disease. The patient often confuses the past and present; mingling memories with recent events. The patient also loses the ability to recognize family members and close friends. They may also lose their ability to verbalize theeir thoughts.


Answer by  bubbyboy (9929)

People are all different as far as this disease goes. Usually the end stage of Alzheimers is totally dependancy on the caregiver. A lot of times the victim can't eat or swallow. There is more sleeping and at times the victim is in a fetal position. Sometimes breathing is affected.


Answer by  Gretchin (352)

As the diseases progresses changes in motor skills. Walking becomes more difficult, verbal communication lessens, eating habits change. They may babble when they talk, and unable to express what they want. The person may forget how to use eating utensils and other items that are used in daily life. The last stages they can no longer walk may become bedridden.


Answer by  pedro55 (76)

I saw several people in a hospital with it. The person cannot talk, hear, eat by himself and is totally dependent on other for hygiene and survival.


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

The adult's mind will deteriorate beyond any memory and mental processing, leaving them as helpless and dependent as an infant. They essentially lose even the ability to feed, clothe and care for themselves.


Answer by  Sasha (106)

Usually symptoms of the end stages of Alzheimers are very similar or exactly like dementia. The patient with alzheimers may forget everyone and everything, waking up not knowing who or where they are, or why. Frustration, anger, and depression often occur as they slip away from reality.

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