Question by  aditpnyu (-6)

What are my options if I dropped my battery fro my Benq Laptop Model T31-420's prior to I reach the one year mark?

Will the warranty cover the damages?


Answer by  Kokroach (47)

Unfortunately a warranty does not cover an accidental damage inflicted by improper use. If you could prove that a battery lock didn't work than maybe. Otherwise the company won't pay.


Answer by  steve73 (52)

Most likely not... if there are any visible scratches, cracks or dings it won't pass the "normal wear and tear" clause of the warranty. This situation sounds as if it would fall into the category of "accident" and would not be covered.


Answer by  Tina41 (70)

contact the computer manufacture about the issue, if you purchased a extended warranty then yes it should be covered, if you have a dell they offer accident coverage.


Answer by  Brian28 (33)

Normally batteries are not covered due to the fact that batteries degrade over time. Benq is a smaller company so most likely it is not going to cover your battery.


Answer by  davidsmith4deltaedu (338)

No warranties do not cover physical abuse. Most computer hardware will not. Only natural wear and tear. Also I'm surprised a battery still has a warranty of 1 year. The majority of the ones I have seen in the past and current only have a 90. Your options are to spend the money and get a new one.


Answer by  aditpnyu (-6)

Planning to get another replacement battery, or should I buy another laptop and sell this one?

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