Question by  Mike11 (59)

What are indications of thyroid problems in a yorkie?

I think my yorkie has thyroid problems.


Answer by  JK (48)

Although there are many signs of a thyroid condition, the main symptoms to look for a sudden fatigue and weight gain. The symptoms in canines are the same as they are in humans.


Answer by  ez (187)

Yorkshire Terriers are prone to hypothyroidism which slows the metabolism. The main indications of this problem are hair loss, weight gain, tiredness, and a need to keep warm. If your dog is exhibiting any of these symptoms check with your vet as this condition can be treated successfully.


Answer by  Say (55)

The first sign is typically hair loss not associated with a skin condition. Weight gain, muscle loss, lethargy and a tendency to seek heat are other symptoms that can occur.

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