Question by  Kaleigh (20)

What does it mean when your Yorkie has high thyroid levels?

How dangerous are high thyroid levels?


Answer by  doggiemomma (37)

All mammals can get Hypothyroidism. Good news- it's not life threatening and is easily treatable with a daily supplement. Talk to your vet.


Answer by  randi (14)

Thyroid problems causes weight gain, constipation, muscle pain, stiffness weakness, seizures and infertility. It can cause depression, changes in appeance like , hair loss especially around the tail and skin infections.


Answer by  bravesfan (61)

A high thyroid level means that your dog is producing too much of the thyroid hormone. Owners with a hyperthyroid dogs usually notice increased urination and drinking, weight loss, and hyperactivity. There are many causes, but it can generally be well controlled on a medication given by your Veterinarian.


Answer by  gigglez (54)

When your yorkie has high thyroid levels it means that it is producing to much(Hyperthyriodism) and it is controlled by a drug called Tapazole. It can be somewhat dangerous.


Answer by  arainey (49)

It means your Yorkie's thyroid gland is not working correctly,and is producing to much thyroid. You should see your veterinarian for treatment.


Answer by  gogogirlie (17)

Just like a person, animals that have high thyroid levels should be treated by a veterinarian with drugs that stabilize and control the levels so the animal is comfortable and safe.

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