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Question by  Meg55 (94)

What symptoms of thyroid problems could be "red herrings"?

In other words, could you have a symptom of a thyroid problem, but it turns out to be something else?


Answer by  RachelW (932)

Many symptoms of thyroid problems could be "red herrings," including weight gain or loss, changes in appetite, fatigue, and menstrual cycle or sexual drive changes. These are all symptoms of many other conditions, from stress to depression to mild flu.


Answer by  Ty51 (36)

People gaining weight suddenly could be a thyroid problem. However, it's more than likely them just overeating and getting very little exercise.


Answer by  Jenny971 (5)

Skin redness, diarrhea, high fever are same symptoms of parathypo and thyroid problems. I was diagnosed with parathypo instead of hyperthyroid 12 years ago.


Answer by  bubbyboy (9929)

Yes. One symptom of thyroid can be extreme tiredness and that is a symptom of many other ailments. Another symptom is extreme nervousness and that's a symptom of other diseases.

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