Question by  carrie39 (22)

What are hummingbird bees?

I heard about them on the radio.


Answer by  PZ (1206)

I think you mean a "bee hummingbird. " It is the world's smallest bird and not much larger than a bumblebee. An adult bee hummingbird is just over two inches long and weighs less than a U. S. penny. In flight, its wings beat an incredible 80 times per second. It is found in Cuba, where it is known as the zunzuncito.


Answer by  kookie (47)

I know there are Bee Hummingbirds. The bee hummingbird is the smallest bird. They are native to Cuba and is found in dense forest areas. The males are distigused by their fiery red color on their pileum and throat. The female on the other hand is green above and white below.


Answer by  Mradcliff (118)

Bee Hummingbirds are the smallest birds on the planet. Their native home is Cuba. They weigh 1. 8 grams and about 2" long.


Answer by  KLR (606)

The bumblebbe hummingbird is one of the smallest hummingbirds measuring at 2.75 inches. It is native to Mexico. It is green with white on its underside.


Answer by  Dee2341 (39)

Hummingbird bees are actually referred to as bee hummingbirds. Originating from the dense forests of Cuba, they are the smallest birds in the world.


Answer by  lynxlevy1 (160)

It is the smallest bird. They can fly so fast.They also attack bigger birds and they eat every ten minutes.

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