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Question by  Chelle (21)

What are great design landscaping to use in a back yard with a steep hill?

I would like to incorporate the hill into the landscaping but also make it easier to walk down the hill.


Answer by  Anita14 (149)

Depending on the grade of the hill, either a gravel path, stepping stones or stair steps are good design solutions. The stair steps can be constructed of materials such as brick, railroad ties, stone, or poured concrete in order to coordinate with the other hardscape elements in the overall landscape design


Answer by  worker5946 (132)

If you want a well landscaped hill side that is also easy to travel on foot try embeding large rocks or bolders into the hill face, this will mak your hill side sturdy against errosion and can be quite decrative is done artistically.


Answer by  g0ldeel0xxs (27)

Curb pavers for the landscaping, possibly use large stepping stones and turn them into stairs. You could also concrete a ramp, or dig away the hill in your backyard. You don't have a lot of options.


Answer by  ace (237)

you could dig steps out and put railway sleepers ascross the gap to make steps either side you could use chipbark planted with lavender for an aromatic pathway

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