Question by  Rtiddy (25)

What are foods to avoid with gallbladder problems?


Answer by  HawaiianGirl (6906)

If you have problems with your gallbladder you should really stick with eating healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables. You should definetely stay away from any fatty, fried, and unhealthy foods.


Answer by  bubbyboy (9929)

If you have a gallbladder problem, you shouldn't eat fried greasy foods. Highly spiced foods should also be avoided. As far as other foods, if you have doubts, eat the food alone and see what it does.


Answer by  Aprilmay (34)

The worst foods for those with gallbladder issues are eggs, pork, onion, fowl, milk, coffee, oranges, grapefruit, corn, beans and nuts. Red meat, dairy products, saturated fats and fried foods should also be avoided. Spicy foods, alcohol and chocolate can all exacerbate gallbladder issues too.


Answer by  poeapril (6)

There are foods to avoid when you have gallbladder problems. Research shows eggs gave 95% of patients stomach problems.You should limit your intake of artificial sweetners,sugars and flour. Anything dairy is not good for you. Do not drink alcohol or smoke as tese as likely to make your condition worse.

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