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Question by  belladee3 (16)

What are foods that help to relieve gas?

I get horrible gas pains and would like natural remedies.


Answer by  renee (354)

You can try using ginger and mixing it with one teaspoon of lime juice. If you take it right after you have eating, it should relieve gas. Celery seed i believe is also a quick relief.


Answer by  codyligon (107)

Gas as well as bloating is usually the result of inadequate digestion. Peppermint, prepared as a tea, and ginger, used in its leaf form, have been shown to relieve gas.


Answer by  Angela17 (697)

Dont eat anything green. It has been said that any type of vegetable or food that is green can give you painful gas. Sucking or drinking pepermint can also help as well as eating something that contains ginger.

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