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Question by  Gail (9)

How do you relieve sinus pressure?

I need to relieve pressure in my head and face due to a very bad sinus infection.


Answer by  JCC (48)

You should consult your physician about your infection and follow his prescribed treatment. You may wish to ask him or her about also using a "Neti Pot. " This is a simple device that is filled with a warm saline solution. The saline solution gently removes small particles in the nasal cavity that could be irritating your nasal membrane.


Answer by  evapsyche (10)

A way to relieve long-term sinus pressure is to inhale steam from a hot shower, but an immediate way to relieve pressure is to massage your face above each eyebrow for 10-15 seconds. Repeat if pressure persists.


Answer by  rosieposey78 (1304)

Saline sinus rinses irrigate the nasal passages without the use of medication and can be used twice a day. Take a hot shower to steam the bathroom and breathe in the steam. Warm towels placed over the sinuses on your face also help relieve pressure.


Answer by  rajkumarvats (35)

One can try some natural and herbal methods like using hot water and tent method which includes taking hot vapor of water and eucalyptus oil to clear the nasal blokage


Answer by  Darry (3853)

One method of relieving sinus pressure is to go into your bathroom and start the shower as hot as you can. Close the door to trap in the steam and sit in the steamy room for a while. You could also try eating spicy foods as this generally will help.


Answer by  Anonymous

yes everyone is recommending netipot, herbs, steam showers, all this stuff. Yes it works or clears for maybe a few minutes, then it comes right back! Sometimes its so bad i can't breath, what can I do?

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