Question by  Tessa68 (51)

What are foods dogs like to eat when they are sick?

My dog has been sick for several days and will not eat anything I try and give him.


Answer by  dogluvr (79)

Try boiling some rice and hamburger and feeding it to your dog. Make sure to boil the hamburger to get the grease out. Your dog will be delighted.


Answer by  martha40 (52)

A vet once suggested that we give our sick puppy white rice, completely plain cooked white rice and after 24 hour of not throwing it up then you can add lamb, cook simply and shredded so that it is easy to digest.


Answer by  worker7654 (1033)

Chicken and rice is a good food for sick dogs and will also help to settle their stomach and also give them some much needed nutrients. Also make sure that the dog is drinking plenty of water. If teh dog continus to not eat then a vet should be consulted.


Answer by  Trueakitalover (1728)

If he's not eating you should try some chicken and rice, mixed in with his dog food. You could start with human baby food Chicken and Rice also. If that doesn't get his appetite take him to the vet then.


Answer by  workoutchamp (103)

What dogs like to eat when they are sick depends on what they are sick with! Just like humans dogs crave tastes.


Answer by  Anonymous

If your dog is out on the the leash and eating grass, do not pull on his leash. Allowing him to do so is his natural way to vomit. He may gag, but then vomit.


Answer by  Crystal51 (118)

Oatmeal is good to feed dogs when they are sick. It will calm the stomach and is still a source of nutrition for them. You can also try mixing some wet food in with the dry food.


Answer by  worker2268 (76)

Clean water and healthy food like fresh raw meat... especially raw vegetables/grass. Don't rely on canned foods. More than 3 days and you really need to call a vet.

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