Question by  Chris11 (26)

What are examples of both acceleration and negative velocity?

I need examples for my science class.


Answer by  dbcalo (6)

For velocity to be negative you must first define a positive direction. So if up is positive, and down is negative, a ball dropped would accelerate in the negative direction when released.


Answer by  BobSXLemon (110)

A racing car facing forwards on a track in reverse gear, with the gas pedal down will be moving backwards (negative velocity) and as time goes on will go backwards faster and faster (acceleration).


Answer by  petermelia (3)

"Acceleration", is defined as "change in velocity". Increasing speed is positive acceleration, slowing down is negative velocity. So in this sense, "negative velocity" has no meaning.


Answer by  Elysha45 (77)

One example acceleration is when you have a car and the velocity starts to get higher its accelerating. When your car is slowing down it has negative velocity

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