Question by  kingreader (7)

How do you determine velocity of an object moving a distance up an incline in physics?

When solving a physics problem involving incline, velocity and distance what special considerations should you make.


Answer by  worker7041 (64)

You should know the angle of inclination and the height of the final position from the ground or the projection of the hypotenuse on the base. Then, you can calculate the distance travelled on the incline by using pythagoras theorom and hence the velocity as well.


Answer by  willard (874)

Motion up an inclined plane often is described as having a constant acceleration. Thus, constant acceleration equations apply with a=-g sin(incline angle). So, use the equation v = v0 + at, or v^2-v0^2 = 2 a x, with v0 the initial velocity, v the final velocity, and x the displacement.

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