Question by  siageah (36)

What are enzymes composed of?


Answer by  AJV (18)

A small percentage of enzymes are not proteins but consist of RNA molecules. Other enzymes, (proteins) consist of amino acids, which are normally hydrogen or oxygen, and other components. All Enzymes are formed as a 3-D type structure.


Answer by  grahamat (52)

All enzymes are composed of protein. Enzymes are of vital importance. Without them our muscles, bones, and nerves would not work properly. Also our digestive system would take a ridiculous amount of time to digest food. Most enzymes' main function is to digest a specific thing in your body.


Answer by  skywindlee (13)

Enzymes are composed of mainly proteins, and some non-protein substance, called co-factors. Proteins in enzymes are made of amino acids, and the sequence of amino acid determines the conformation and function of enzymes. Co-factors are some prosthetic groups, like the haem group(iron) in haemgloblin, serve for mediating the biochemical reactions involved.


Answer by  HH (404)

The great majority of enzymes are proteins and therefore composed of amino acids. Not all proteins are enzymes! Some RNA molecules have catalytic activity and classify as enzymes.

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