Question by  newbiesblogger (13)

What are employee rights in Texas concerning lunch?

There is considerable discussion of lunch rights.


Answer by  NicoleT (23)

The employee rights when it comes to having a lunch break is that a person who is scheduled to work 6 hours or more is entitled to a thirty minute unpaid lunch. If it is under the 6 hours you get a fifteen minute break.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

Federal law does not require lunch or coffee breaks be given. Most employers give them to be nice and make sure the quality of work is good. However, if your employer does give you a break they are required to pay you for that time. Paying for break time the company provides is the law.


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

You have a right to a break after 3 1/2 hours of work in a six hour or longer shift. There is no right that it be a paid break.


Answer by  worker8852 (129)

texas isa right towork state,which pretty much means that your employer does nothave toprovide break time,benefits,vacation time and can fire you for anyreason that doesn't violate your federal civil right.

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