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Question by  Kayla (144)

What are common noises from a bearded dragon?


Answer by  Dann (114)

Bearded Dragons have no vocal chords. This means that the only possible noise a healthy bearded dragon would make would be hissing. They might make a noise if they have labored or difficult breathing, signifying a possible infection that should be looked at by a vet.


Answer by  greggsamssa (32)

Bearded dragons produce different noises in different situations. A loud squeak means the animal is frightened. While asleep many bearded dragons produce a rheumy snore.


Answer by  DDDragicevic (10)

At night, you can hear a special sound like the ones you might know from being in the woods during a windy day. During the day the dragons are very quiet, so you might only hear very low breathing sounds. If they are sick, they groan like an adult pigeon.


Answer by  HUNM25 (713)

They don't have vocal cords so you just basically hear them hissing. Remember Harry Potter? That was a fair example of it.


Answer by  Shirley277 (35)

I have been trying to find this out for you and the information I keep getting is that they dont make sounds but than maybe these people providing the information havent had them for pets very long.


Answer by  Anonymous

Mine squeak sometimes

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