Question by  ke5dky342004 (7)

What are the largest bearded dragons?

I would like to get a large bearded dragon, my friend is always bragging that his is the biggest one ever.


Answer by  karyn57 (22)

They look a little bit like the kimono dragon but with spiny things around the head the one Ive seen he's about 18" long maybe 20" with a head width about 4".


Answer by  JohnHolmes (2660)

There are some that can stretch as much as 4 feet long but are considered an endangered species so you might not be able to get one that long. There are some more common ones that are 2 feet long.


Answer by  moneychick (167)

Bearded dragons can grow long. The longest one was 24 feet, lived in Florida and died in 2006. The longest one alive today is now 14 feet long.


Answer by  zetta (22)

One of the largest bearded dragons has grown to be at least 22 inches in length. If you take good care of them and feed them they may grow.


Answer by  Caleb14 (292)

Pogona vitticeps is the largest and most commonly kept species of Bearded Dragon. There is a morph called the "German Giant" that is generally quite a bit larger than your standard dragon. Keep in mind females are usually bulkier and heavier than their male counterparts.

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