Question by  Tattoorick (17)

Do bearded dragons make good pets?


Answer by  simplyellie (89)

Bearded dragons can make excellent pets! With the proper care and nurturing, they can be happy, healthy pets. Ensure that it's calcium intake is high, as lizards are prone to bone health issues.


Answer by  cdbyrd89 (17)

I had a class where bearded dragons were able to roam around freely and entertain us. They were, for the most part, calm and friendly. They can bea bit agressive when provoke. As long as their are no irresposible people buying them, I belive they would be a good pet.


Answer by  Dinder (22)

If you are a dragon lover than bearded dragons, as opposed to non bearded dragons, would not make as good of a pet. The reason reason being: most dragons have no hair. A breaded dragon has hair. Hair amounts to extra grooming and health issues such lice/fleas-- making the breaded dragon a less desirable pet due to high maintenance.


Answer by  Jenn91 (122)

Bearded dragons are great pets for someone who is looking for a low-maintenance pet. Setting up their environment is costly and timely, but after that they are quite easy.


Answer by  answersonpets1223 (70)

these dragons tend to bite less than most other reptilian as a pose to tokay geckos. dragons are freindly creatures but can be agressive. they are easy to take care of and can grow up to four feet long. owning a beardie is a big comitment.


Answer by  kmac (235)

Bearded dragons are fairly easy to take care of. Just remember they grow to be a foot or two long.


Answer by  Tori (33)

I have had my Bearded Dragon for almost a year and we get along very well. They are great friends and are quite easy to manage as well.Bearded dragons are known to be tame so there are no problems bringing them into your home.

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