Question by  ravishanker (155)

What are appropriate birthday gifts for dad?

I can never pick a good one out.


Answer by  sk118 (51)

Appropriate gifts include tshirts, DVDs, computer or board games, snack food (junk food or gourmet, depending on his interests), sports equipment, and books. Just follow his interests!


Answer by  noosh (673)

Look at what your dad likes. Find something that has a a logo on it or if he has something that is worrn out get a better version of it.


Answer by  kathylagare (220)

I gave my dad things that related to his interests, like little car tools or other gadgets. More than anything he appreciated when I gave of myself. I'd make a dvd of his old family photos or give him some promise notes for time we could spend together doing things he enjoyed. Your dad probably just wants you!


Answer by  simba (187)

Give dad a year long subscription to a magazine that interests him. It is actually like giving him twelve gifts in one! He will enjoy finding the next edition in the mail each month.

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