Question by  mld4165 (28)

What are some ideas for 30th birthday presents?

I also need ideas for mom, dad and funny birthday gifts.


Answer by  pintescuvasilegeorgel (30)

My opinion is that something would be nice as a flower or a fashion item, but I think a wonderful gift would be something handmade as gesture counts, not the gift .


Answer by  jclick (1561)

For my 30th birthday my family took me out to eat at a nice steakhouse. We also went to see a play. Sometimes giving someone a gift like this of an activity can be a nice replacement for "stuff" because the memories last a lifetime.


Answer by  DogLover82 (412)

There are lots of t-shirts with the "over 30" theme, for example, "Over 30, so I can't trust myself anymore." A party with all black decorations would be fun.


Answer by  LindaJean (49)

30 chocolate kisses, 30 pennies, 30 anything the person likes wrapped in 30 pages of newspaper...! "Consumables" are always great gifts, anything they'll use: specialty foods, car wash coupons, etc.


Answer by  norad (113)

A good birthday present is a car but try not to gift a expensive car so that you can buy the cake since the cake is important too for the day.

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