Question by  bazillion (87)

What are a mechanical engineer's daily activities?

I'm considering mechanical engineering.


Answer by  Jordan25 (24)

The job of a mechanical engineer is to analyze, design, build and maintain systems. They might specialize in a sub discipline such as mechanics, kinematics, robotics, thermodynamics and drafting.


Answer by  girlsnotgrey (36)

Mechanical engineers usually specialize in one area. Some design products, which includes figuring out the cost and environmental impact of thse products. Some supervise production and installation of equipment or machines. Many mechanical engineers work as consultants, so their day to day activities vary. Most mechanical engineers work for manufacturing companies, focusing on machinery, electrical equipment, or transportation equipment.


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

The work can include structural load analysis, mechanical equipment design and testing, utility plant design, materials testing, and industrial equipment design.


Answer by  greggula (112)

Start with coffee, check/answer email, attend meetings, draw widgets using a CAD system like autocad, a sprinkling of telephone calls, usually about schedule, finish by electronically reporting the days hours.


Answer by  fishlover49 (643)

Provide technical support to field technition, monitor scheduled maintenance and develop repair plans, support project staff, develop design bases for new equipment, performing mechanical and structural duties, create operation manuals for new mechanical equipment, work with machine shops to create and design improved equipment for use in current and future projects

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