Question by  steffie (42)

What advice can you give to an American who is going to Egypt and needs ideas on what to wear?


Answer by  HumbleAssistance (123)

Women should wear sensible clothing. Don't wear bikinis or hot pants about town - unless you want to be stared at. In hotels dress code is very relaxed, however, men are often asked to wear trousers not shorts. It is also very hot, so wear light clothing.


Answer by  brooklyn (374)

Remember you are going to be in a desert. The best thing is to wear light colored loose fitting clothing and remember deserts can get chilly at night.


Answer by  kristina31 (305)

You should wear something that is gonna cover your body, because of their religion a woman cannot show most of their body parts. Bring pants,a hat,long sleeve shirts,and a viel at least to cover your head.


Answer by  Bobinski (1652)

Mid calf cotton skirts are best for women. Long sleeve linen or cotton blouses. No shorts, halters, tanktops or short sleeve blouses. These will draw too much attention. Be VERY conservative. Cotton sarongs are good for roaming around. Sunglasses should be dark enough to cover your eyes.


Answer by  vicki94 (477)

Americans going to Egypt need to take many white dresses,pants, and sundresses. Linen is popular.If you can afford it You could have your own personal designer make clothing to go to Egypt. Big gold chaines and cuff bracelets are in and will always be in.

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