Question by  sam11 (11)

Are spray-tanning products harmful?

Every other way of tanning gives you cancer.


Answer by  krizzle (40)

Spray-tanning products are a safe alternative to regular tanning. Spray tanning products can give your skin a tanned look without exposing it to harmful ultraviolet rays. The active ingrediant in most spray tan products is DHA, when applied to skin DHA reacts with outer layer of skin to temporarily darken.


Answer by  Darry (3853)

Typically the only problems arising from spray-tanning products are allergic reactions or respiratory problems if the chemicals are breathed in. Otherwise these products should be a safe way to tan, just keep in mind that a spray tan is not a real tan and you still need to use sunscreen.


Answer by  Megan84 (32)

Spray tanning can be harmful. This depends on the types of chemicals a tanning place uses in their sprayers. Before getting a spray tan ask what chemicals they use.

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