Question by  LadyT9 (2)

We need suggestions for wording for first anniversary invitations.

In lieu of gifts, they want money. Second marriage for both. Both have kept a home for several years.


Answer by  malone (4817)

There are no words. That is just flat out tacky. You may say "no gifts" or you may say "in lieu of gifts, please consider a donation to the ASPCA," but you cannot say "give money." Two twice-married adults don't need gifts or cash prizes; that's just being greedy.

Reply by LadyT9 (2):
Thank you for the first part of your answer the last part is irrelevant.  add a comment

Answer by  friendlyhobbit (42)

Traditionally, for a first anniversary, paper is the proper gift. Depending upon the location of the party, you could do something interesting, like a wishing well to collect cash.


Answer by  jc32 (20)

The bride and groom look forward to combining their two homes into one. While gifts are greatly appreciated, a monetary gift would be of greatest use.

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