Question by  Nichole (1)

The toilet keeps backing up when I flush, what can I do?


Answer by  ceilia09 (29)

There may be too much toilet paper used, if it stops after using the toilet. Take a hanger and bend it into an hook shape and pull up some of the toilet paper which will allow a small amount to go down then it should go down automatically once the access toilet paper is taken out.


Answer by  momma (50)

Chances are, there is a blockage farther down in your sewer pipe. It is not something you can see, but if your toilet begins to flush, and then backs up, you have a blockage further down. You need to purchase a drain "snake". It is a long flexible piece of metal to break up the blockage.


Answer by  Bardzot (64)

Try putting a few ounces of Palmolive liquid dish detergent in the bowl and letting it settle for a few minutes. Then, forcefully pour a bucket of water into the bowl. The detergent will lubricate the blockage and the water will force it to move. Flush the toilet, and the blockage should disappear.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

Invest in a plunger. Plunger it a few times, if alot of toilet paper comes up, that's an indication that someone is using to much. If you have children watch to see if they are putting things into the toilet. Or put a rubber glove on and stick you hand in and start pulling things out.

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