Question by  catherineperry35 (15)

The term "angle of deviation" is used in reference to what ?


Answer by  Qwedsa (96)

In optics, the angle of deviation is used to refer to the angle that a light beam makes after it has had it's path altered with the original path that is was taking when it has its course changed by the process of refraction. At the critical angle the light beam is reflected.


Answer by  Mathmeteachin (192)

Ok, when light passes through a prism, it enters at one angle and exits at another angle. The difference in the angles is the angle of deviation.


Answer by  Craig19 (154)

The term "angle of deviation" arises in the field of optics. After a light ray reflects or refracts, a net deflection of the ray occurs.


Answer by  suzieQ (21)

When light passes through a different medium, it refracts. The difference in the angle between the incoming light ray and the outgoing light ray is the angle of deviation. The angle of deviation may be different for different wavelengths of light because the index of refraction is slightly different.


Answer by  JarrodG (42)

"angle of deviation" is used in reference most often to light passing through a prism or other object where it no longer is traveling in the same direction.


Answer by  hobominer (184)

most likely it's the angle at which a given point deviates from set point(s) - ie: how big the difference in degrees is


Answer by  bxk (12)

Usually, "angle of deviation" is a term used in geometry or physics. There is a preferred direction from which your direction is deviating. The angle between the two may be called "angle of deviation".

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