Question by  afton53 (31)

The middle class grew out of a social class known us what?


Answer by  michael24easilybored (20)

The middle class grew out of the Bourgeoisie. The Bourgeoisie were a social group that developed between the nobility and the peasantry, who generally traded in cities. Today middle class often refers to professional working people.


Answer by  tmoney (176)

Before the rise of the capitalist system, people were either peasants that worked all day doing manual labor, or nobility that owned all of the land. As more and more trade took place, a new group known as the bourgeoisie or "town-dwellers" formed from the merchants and business-owners that were not nobility but lived more comfortably than the peasants. The bourgeoisie became what we call the middle class today.


Answer by  aloureiro (13)

The middle class grew from the social class known as the lower class, or the poor. The middle class has more buying power and desires to have what the high class has.

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