Question by  OutBy16 (10)

What is defined as middle class?


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

Poor is defined as barely meeting day to day needs of food, shelter, clothing, medical care and almost no margin. Rich is making so much money that one can easily afford both all needs and almost all wants. Middle class is being able to afford all needs but having some disposable income to budget for "wants".


Answer by  lgk (2426)

Middle class makes just enough money to be above the poverty line, but not enough to afford something overly indulgent. They are more easily able to buy a cheap new car, instead of ye old cluncker. Also, they have a small amount of savings, not much, about 5000 dollars.


Answer by  gmun (603)

Traditionally, middle class people were professionals like doctors, lawyers and teachers who had a qualification for their job and earned a good salary but were not part of the upper class or the working class who were unskilled manual workers. The definition is less clear in the 21st century.


Answer by  Mackrel (64)

Though definitions vary, in the US the middle class is generally considered to consist of college educated white collar professionals who make the majority of their income from their salary or wages rather than investments (as with the upper class).

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