Question by  Jennifer10 (22)

What is included in the social workers' Code of Ethics?

I want to be a social worker.


Answer by  primatefreak (1616)

There are 4 sections: 1)Preamble- mission, core values. 2)Purpose- overview of Codes main function. 3)Ethical Principles and 4) Ethical Standards. Code of Ethics written by National Association of Social Workers.


Answer by  wakeboardermom (93)

Mostly confidentiality. The biggest thing is that you will not share any personal information you will find out (identity, income, abuse, criminal records, etc.) with anyone without their permission unless ordered to by a judge or unless you get their written permission.


Answer by  gretab (5)

The social worker's code of ethics includes things like putting the needs of the client first before considering personal factors, always being honest, and not trying to game the system.

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