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Question by  lostfox (11)

Should you water your lawn while the sun is out?

I was told to not water my lawn while the sun is out.


Answer by  BrianSJ (524)

You should go ahead and water your lawn when the sun is out. Water will evaporate from your lawn's soil while the sun is out, but that will happen whether you are watering your lawn or not. In fact, because water is evaporating, you probably should water your lawn if it's been sunny for a few days.


Answer by  pjs7897 (30)

From what I have heard, the best time to water your lawn is the wee early hours of the morning... just before the sun rises high above in the sky. My understnding of what was said, is that it gives it a chance to settle, but not soak the lawn.


Answer by  FMTC (109)

You should not water your law at mid day because the water may evaporate before it reaches the grass roots. Early morning is the best time to water.


Answer by  Kurt (4579)

It is better to water the lawn in the evening so that two things occur. # 1 The water will not evaporate as easily and have a chance to soak into the lawn. # 2 The water will not act as a lens to sunburn your grass if it is sunny day.

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