Question by  msb13sm (19)

Should my new puppy and my older dog be fed at the same time?

Will the older dog try to monopolize the food?


Answer by  salina (943)

It is better to feed animals which age difference at different times. The old dog may have some food aggression toward your puppy. I would feed at different times.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

Make sure the dogs get separate bowls. You can feed them at the same time but puppies when they're young need food three times a day.


Answer by  navywriter (790)

First, you should feed them separate because the older dog might get agressive and try to bite the puppy. Second, puppies need a different kind of food and need to be fed more often than older dogs. I would feed them on different sides of the room or at different times.


Answer by  sherry (211)

yes your older dog will try to monopolize the food so the first few weeks feed them at diffrent time are feed them in 2 different places


Answer by  Nancy (578)

By all means feed both of them at the same time, and preferably twice a day because the puppy will not be eating the same food, you should separate them at mealtime so one is not going after the other's food.


Answer by  worker59 (65)

You should feed them at the same time but at separate areas of the room this. Separate with a gate or in different rooms if either dog seems anxious.

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