Question by  tiger1 (1)

Should i feed my puppy before i eat or after i eat?


Answer by  Betty0320 (734)

Definitely after you eat. You should always eat first in order to establish yourself as the "Alpha in the pack". If you feed him first, you will be giving your puppy the idea that you are submissive to him. Some dog trainers even recommend that you pretend to eat some of his food before setting down his dish!!


Answer by  boxers3 (550)

While puppies need to be fed several times a day, it is a good practice to eat before your dog. A dog follows a pack leader, and the pack leader always eats first. To establish yourself as the alpha dog, you should have your puppy observe you eating first.


Answer by  Spazman667 (259)

There is really no difference to when one should feed his or her puppy regarding when they eat. The best policy though is to feed the puppy at a consistent time everyday so it can get on a schedule of when it is time to eat.


Answer by  gfr (97)

It is much better for feed you puppy before you eat. It is very helpful for the puppy also. In this method the puppy will get more energetic food from the mother

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