Question by  Regu (20)

Should I download AOL 9.0 Optimized?

I heard it had a lot of problems.


Answer by  rightlight (1053)

No I would not bother with anything AOL at this point in time. America Online is past its prime for offering quality internet products, and I think that it would be wise to consider alternatives in the market, of which there are more then enough to choose from in todays environment.


Answer by  sprite (36)

Whether you download this program or not is a personal issue. Usually when a program is new, it will have problems. If it were my decision to make, I would download it, because it's supposed to be an improved version. It is our job to let the makers of these programs know what issues they have by using it.


Answer by  RoxisRunner (87)

Aol 9.0 has become more of a novelty in this day and and age. AOL was a great company in the early days of the internet, but they have faltered and have released faulty software. All while trying to keep up with the other internet service providers. Which they have not been able to do.


Answer by  Math68 (308)

Depends. If you still use AOL to actually access the internet, you might eventually have to. If you don't use AOL to connect to the internet, then it's completely up to you.

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