Question by  Cheerio (81)

Should I buy an upright or a grand piano?


Answer by  Banjochamp (132)

How much space do you have? If that's not a concern, and you want sound quality, go with the grand or a baby grand. I have a 'baby' and it sounds so sweet. You will not get a huge full sound with an upright piano, and will sound more like 'old timey' music.


Answer by  Pete88 (72)

This question can be answered by asking yourself a few questions. Is space an issue? Is price an issue? Uprights and Grands come in various sizes and configurations for every situation. One can even buy what is called an Upright Grand Piano.


Answer by  Lard (62)

For home use, upright pianos are easily the best option. A grand piano is really only used during stage or orchestral performances.

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