Question by  rcottis (66)

Should I be worried if there is no heartbeat on an ultrasound at 8 weeks?


Answer by  slkunz2003yahoocom (836)

This is definitely something to ask your doctor about, but from my experience the heartbeat is one of the first things you can see on an ultrasound, long before you can determine sex, spine, head, etc. I am sure if something is wrong, the doctor's office would notify you and call you back in for a repeat ultrasound.


Answer by  Mary (2095)

You should not be worried at all. A heartbeat most likely will not be detected until the 12th week on an ultrasound. If the doctor is just using a doppler it can be much later, especially if you are overweight.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

No. You generally cannot hear the baby's heartbeat until you are around 10-12 weeks pregnant. Most doctors don't even attempt to find the heartbeat that early because of that fact.


Answer by  triangular (148)

It often doesn't show up until nine or ten weeks, due to the heart not being formed enough, or the technician just not picking it up. Also, it's common that one doesn't have the date of conception exactly right, so you could be less than eight weeks.

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