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Question by  Melissa101010 (4405)

What is done during therapeutic ultrasound to minimize scar tissue?

I need therapeutic ultrasound to minimize scar tissue.


Answer by  mahee (720)

To minimize the scar tissue it should have the frequency range of about 0.8-3.0 MHz and it can be takes long time to breakdown the scar tissue.This tissue is hard and inflexible but by this Therapeutic Ultrasound system it can be clears away and minimize the inflammation.It can also control further damage to the effected area.


Answer by  pepe911 (28)

When using the therapeutic ultrasound to help with scar issues the patient stays awake while the doctor using a special ultrasound machine goes over the area that is scarred. A technician will apply a specialized gel to keep irratation down on the skin. This technique cannot be used on deep tissue scarring.


Answer by  mani (813)

In order to minimize scar tissue Ultrasonic waves or high-frequency sound vibrations are created through the mechanical vibration of the metal head of ultrasound machines. Ultrasound relieve ailments musculoskeletal system.

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