Question by  Aimeers (18)

Should I be concerned that my dog is always rubbing his nose?

My dog is always rubbing his nose.


Answer by  MsLizziebug (833)

Yes, you should check the dog's nose for any injuries such as cuts, scratches or insect bites. If there are no injuries, check to see if the nose is runny. The dog may have allergies or a respitory problem. If the behavior continues I recommend a trip to the vet and have the dog checked out.


Answer by  luxy32 (50)

It could be allergies. However, there are other things that could be causing the issue that would warrant immediate attention. You should take your dog to the Vet.


Answer by  raj95 (23)

I have no experience with this, but i think youre going about it right. My dog also has uncotrollable incontinence on oral steriods so u should go to dermatologist.


Answer by  joseph510 (48)

Yes. Any behavior that is abnormal could be just that - NOT normal. Take your dog to a vet.


Answer by  pappu (170)

It could be the first sign of allergies. With dogs it usually effect the skin on their face, paws and belly.

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