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Question by  rush2112 (18)

Is it safe to pop a little blood blister?


Answer by  MissAmbitions (56)

Yes, it is safe to pop a blood blister. If left untouched, the blood will just harden under the skin and it will peel off over time.


Answer by  NapyTme (35)

Make sure you use a clean, sanitized needle and disinfect the area afterwards. If you follow these two steps, it should be safe to pop that pesty little bloody blister of yours!


Answer by  iamanartfuldodger (19)

It is safe as long as it is not in a sensitive place. I usually just clean the area with rubbing alcohol. Grab a safety pin and use a lighter on the tip to kill anything on it. Wipe the pin clean. Pop it with the safety pin and then cover with a bandage.


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

Yes, it is safe to pop a blood blister. The only potential concern is if it is the beginning of an MRSA infection, which is rare.


Answer by  jaamfam (0)

You should pop a blood blister because u need to drain it or if you rub it against somthing else it could pop on somthing thite or precious to u

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