Question by  lwarlick (121)

Should an electric heat pump need a drip pan under the air handler in the house?

My heat pump drips, is this normal ?


Answer by  bogeyman (119)

It should have a drain from the coil, yet an extra pan will allow water to drain away in the event of a plugged pipe. Your indoor coil will accumulate moisture in the summer months.


Answer by  dprophit (13)

Heat pumps do not normally need a drip pan as it normally is constructed to drain through a pipe and outside of the house.


Answer by  Ionoone (112)

The drain for the evaporator coil is plugged, I recommend having it serviced by a professional because the coils are easily damaged and can get expensive to replace, Afterwards pour a small amount of bleach into the drain to keep it algae free and replace your filters monthly or sooner.

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