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Question by  momak42yahoocom (17)

Do you change a heat pump when it is on the high or low side?

I need to change my heat pump.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

On the high side, it means you are running hotamd it is going to overheat. Low side will drag when running and you won't get the full potential.


Answer by  jamavamom4 (19)

If you need to change your heat pump, you would be best served by contacting local qualified and licensed contractors to come out and give you and evaluation and an estimate. Once it is evaluated they can let you know whether or not it needs changed and why.


Answer by  abin (16)

No we need not change the heat pump. Most of the pump has 4 valves (solenoid) and it change between modes. First valve controls the delivery of refrigerant from a refrigerant heat exchanger. It avoid overpressure at the suction side of the compressor and provides a pressure limiting function.


Answer by  Egon (67)

If the heat pump needs to be changed, the system first must be removed of all freon. Once this is done, the compressor can be removed.

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