Question by  Bina (18)

Can you help me troubleshoot my heat pump that was struck by lightning and I have no ac?

My heat pump was struck by lightning and now my ac does not work.


Answer by  sunandha (15)

Due to lightning heat pump was struck and ac' s not working. This may be because fuse may be gone due to thunder. The light reflects the electricity in such case the current goes.


Answer by  JBear (184)

The first thing I would do was unplug your heat pump and reset the circuit breaker that it was on.


Answer by  pja137 (28)

This would be impossible to troubleshoot without a direct examination of the heat pump. Anyone who claims to be able to do so is guessing at the reason.


Answer by  worker2148 (144)

Your ciruit breaker could have a short. The lightning overloaded the fuse. The fuse for the AC could have overloaded as well. Try replacing both fuses.


Answer by  Anonymous

That happened to my unit. I opened the breaker panel on the side of the unit, switched off each switch. If I cut off a switch and the unit stopped, I then switched that one back ON and threw the other 2 to the OFF. Then, call your service person.


Answer by  rrazorbakk (62)

In most lightning strike cases teh electronic control board gets fried. Contact the manufacturer and get a replacement control board. You will need the system's model and serial number.

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