Question by  venkataraman (52)

Where is the drip pan located on a Kenmore refrigerator?

My fridge smells and the service guy told me to pull the drip pan and wash it.


Answer by  waskasoo (471)

The drip pan in most refrigerators is a simple plastic tray that collects defrost water and holds it for natural evaporation. If you remove the plastic grill at the front, bottom of the fridge, you should see the tray. Alternatively, the access may be at the bottom, in back.


Answer by  news2me (28)

The drip pan is underneath. Check your owners manual to find out how to remove it. Some can be accessed from the front grille, others are from the back.


Answer by  shivam (31)

Drip pan collects water when freezer is set to defrost mode. Drip pan is located at the bottom of the Kenmore refrigerator so if you want to remove it then either remove it from the front if grill is there or from the back of the refrigerator.


Answer by  mhunter (27)

The drip pan is located underneath usually in the front, quite possibly behind a small panel. In some models it can be located in the rear, a quick peek can determine where yours is.

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