Question by  rhiannonbabe (1)

Ok, my wrist is killing me. I think my wrist might be sprained. What should i do?

I also have cheer practice tomorrow.


Answer by  technogeek (6640)

You will have to wrap it so that it will stay in place, avoid trauma and heel properly. Even at cheer practice, you will have to avoid any moves where you use that hand to lift so that it can heel.


Answer by  janu (53)

Please get it confirmed with doctor whether it is sprain or fracture with swelling. You can do hot water fermentation for this. You need to warm the water,add a pinch of salt in it,dip your hand until wrist and move the wrist in the water or you can go for physiotherapy.


Answer by  worker6086 (52)

Use RICE principle; Rest ; don't use hand Ice; bag of frozen peas for 10 mins Compression ; crepe bandage is ideal Elevation ; raise hand above heart, use pillows


Answer by  Hom (238)

The best thing to do now is to ice it. Skip your cheer practice tomorrow and go to the doctor asap. This could possibly lead to more serious injuries.

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