Question by  tikyoramirez (13)

My truck has a Duramax fuel system. So does that mean there is no fuel pump?

It's a Chevy.


Answer by  eatwrite (1559)

All trucks and cars have fuel pumps. The newer vehicles pump system burns less gas and emits less fumes. There is always a fuel pump system but it is just not as invasive.


Answer by  afsalmk (5)

Duramax fuel system has fuel pump and also means that ,The fuel pump is would be like a Denso common rail fuel injection system with pilot injection.That is a type of fuel pump.


Answer by  SADAF (119)

All type of fuel system have fuel pumps and they consume less gas and also incentive is that they emit less smoke.


Answer by  Moneen (4)

All sorts of vehicles of all brands have different kinds of fuel pump. They either can be of mechanical type of fuel pums or can be of autometic fuel pumps.

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