Question by  EmmiesMom (13)

My freezer door was left open, is it okay to refreeze?


Answer by  Nicole32 (117)

No. Since you don't know how warm the food actually got, the chance of food borne illness is quiet high in improperly thawed foods. I wouldn't chance it.


Answer by  Abbas (86)

It is not okay to refreeze. Non vegetarian like mutton, fish and poultry starts growing bacteria the moment it reaches 90 degree fahrenheit. This bacteria will only be destroyed when the stuff is well cooked. Some of the items with preservative should be used completely once thawed and should not be freezed again.


Answer by  Darkephoenix (1789)

That depends on a few things. How long was it left open? What exactly are you needing to have refrozen? Any kind of meat, if it thawed completely, I wouldn't recommend refreezing. Especially not anything of the poultry variety such as chicken, duck, cornish hens etc. TV dinners and such are usually okay to refreeze.


Answer by  gigo (1706)

For bread and ice there is no problem if both have been wrapped. Except the fact, that the ice may have a more snow like consistency. Meat, fish and vegetables should be thrown away, if it wasn't cooled by the fridge in the time when the freezer door was open.


Answer by  Mallika (449)

Yes you can refreeze since how long was it open. Shut the freezer and fridge door tightly put the power onn. Let it run for some hours. Never off it in the middle of connection. But mostly a refrigerator coolness remains for long times. Even it is off. So put onn for sometime

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