Question by  dmawbey (6)

My brother was told he has advanced liver cancer which has spread to the lungs.. how long does he have to live?

He is in the hospital and is eating very well is there any thing I can do to help him. I have done a lot of reading on liver cancer there are a lot of herbal remedies out there... should I try these


Answer by  Jacki14 (86)

Obviously he is under medical care, so trust that the physicians are doing everything that can be done. Once cancer has metastasized, especially from a soft organ like the liver, it really cannot be stopped. You have my deep sympathies--I lost my mother to liver cancer--but I would not burden your brother with any extraneous therapies.

Reply by dmawbey (6):
Was your mom angry he is... getting confused and kicks everyone out of the room all he wants to do is go home...  add a comment

Answer by  DrMom (854)

Advanced liver cancer which has spread to the lungs will likely be fatal within months, however, miracles do happen. Herbal remedies will probably not help but prayer might.


Answer by  Marybeth (841)

Sorry to say you cannot live without your liver or your lungs. There is no herbal remedy that will cure this condition. Spend time with him, tell him you love him. Make him comfortable, be his advocate. Once his liver becomes impaired and his eyes and skin become yellow his time is short.

Reply by dmawbey (6):
His skin is already turning yellow. He is very hard to deal with at this time he is angry and wants to go home. I am looking around for homecare right now to see if it is feasible that he go home. I work so it makes it very difficult.  add a comment

Answer by  dmawbey (6)

They said it could be anytime now but he seems to be getting stronger... and very angry.

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