Question by  worker99 (71)

My boyfriend left me for a married woman, will the relationship last?

My boyfriend dumped me for a woman who has a husband! I just know he is going to come crawling back!


Answer by  Doris59 (1647)

It is doubtful that a relationship which is predicated on deceit will last. It really is doomed for failure. My question is, why would you want him to come crawling back to you? He isn't trustworthy, his actions show that to be true. Move on.


Answer by  Anonymous

Tell him to "toot it and boot it". He shows a lack of morals on his behalf, low sef-esteem and he is a loser. Take a step back and think about his worth in the relationship and decide from there if it is worth the headache.


Answer by  Brett (7986)

Most relationships which begin with one of the person cheating on another don't last, because typically, this type of behaviour will continue in the current relationship. No good ever comes from cheating and it's not a good way at all to start a relationship out on. My advice would be not to take him back.


Answer by  annewright (318)

Anything is possible but it is unlikely that a relationship will last if it starts out with one person married to somebody else. It may have a better chance of lasting if the woman is not living with her husband or is in the process of divorce.


Answer by  whobesidesme (406)

Who cares? Why would you want him back after that?! You're stronger than that, c'mon now.

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